Monthly Archives: October 2013


Harmonizing, Formalizing, and Successfully Executing Onboarding/Integration Processes for Fast Growing SaaS Company

A huge sales spike created a daunting onboarding requirement at an omni-channel marketing company. Project Gestalt’s Neil Jacobson was brought in to help formalize the new customer onboarding approach, develop a PM training and ramp up process, and augment the company’s project managers as they prepared for and addressed the unprecedented number of new client. […]

Establishing Agile Methods at Global Bank to Better Integrate With Outsourced IT Services Vendor’s ITIL-Based Best Practices

Existing IT service request processes and systems at this global bank needed to be transformed to better integrate with outsourced services provided by their outsourced IT services vendor. The goal was to improve customer service while freeing up resources at the bank and the IT services vendor, who had been required to direct and control […]

Integrating Demand Modeling Into Healthcare Supply Chain Management

The Integrated Distribution Center (IDC) for a national hospital chain wanted to integrate demand modeling into their replenishment process to provide more control over the inventory level for the 2400+ products at the IDC. Project Gestalt designed and implemented the integration between the Smoothie demand modeling application and the hospital’s Peoplesoft ERP system. The solution […]