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Neil Jacobson, PMP

Founder and President

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Neil is the founder and President of Project Gestalt, Inc. Neil brings 25 years of experience helping clients solve complex problems. While his titles have varied by project, he’s been the person who understands the problem and stakeholders’ needs,develops the business and solution architecture, builds the organization or team to solve the problem, then leads solution execution. In addition to his consulting successes, Neil has launched 5 successful product and service businesses as startups and as business units within existing companies.

Neil brings a deep understanding what it takes to successfully integrate people, business process and information technology to deliver business advantage. He gained this understanding through his work advising companies and agencies on IT Strategy, leading enterprise-scale information technology projects, and working as CTO for complexIT infrastructure products. Neil is a pioneer in point-of-work computing—business processes, software, middleware, hardware, wireless networks, and enterprise integration—first fielding technology-equipped field forces in 1990.

His successes have been achieved in a wide variety of industries including: healthcare, pharma, public health, government, direct marketing, not for profit, and process manufacturing. His clients include enterprises like Planned Parenthood, Pfizer, and the City of New York, as well as numerous other government agencies and not for profit organizations.

Neil has been engaged by multiple investment teams considering purchase of software companies. He assessed technology, people and development, quality assurance, and support processes as part of due diligence. Neil developed input for business plans addressing product technical, quality and market gaps. Developed product roadmaps to address gaps. He has built transition plans for maintaining customer support while transitioning to new development teams, and improved development, testing and quality processes.

Neil holds an M.B.A. in Information Resource Management from the University of Montana, a Master of Architecture from the University of Utah, a Bachelor of University Studies—Human Environments from University of Utah, and attended the L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Fontainebleau, France.

Neil has a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. He has contributed project management chapters to textbooks, and written numerous articles on innovate applications of point of work computing to improve quality and efficiency.